Bailey Christine

Last year I plunged 2 times, and I left my wife behind in the lake. This year, I’m going to plunge 3 times!

Caroline Christine

I was supposed to learn how to swim before the plunge last year. It didn’t stop me last year and it won’t stop me this year!

Cecil Houseknecht

I'll happily jump in a freezing lake for free, but if I can raise money for a good cause, I guess that's okay too.

20th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

Pick your favorite team member, or click the button below to donate to the entire team. Either way, you're helping to support a great cause and a really fun event. Thank you!

Jamie Houseknecht

I don't care how much money I raise as long as it's more than Ryan.

Ryan Houseknecht

It can't be any colder than it was last year, right? Right?!

Colin Leidy

My first ever plunge. Please donate so that I don't come to regret this decision.

Madalyn Miller

I am so excited to experience the vast array of polar wildlife during this plunge: ferocious polar bears, exotic narwhales, adorable seals, and my personal favorite, penguins...Actually, none of that is going to happen. We are plunging in fresh Pennsylvania lake water, not in the Artic Ocean. Perhaps I will see a trout?! Despite loathing cold weather and water (I will convince my fiancé to move south someday!), I am certain of one thing: the money raised will positively and directly benefit our community and that makes it all worth it!

Jake Owens

If you are feeling extra generous and help me reach $500, I will wear a scuba mask and floaties. If I reach $1,000, I will create a poll and let YOU choose my plunge attire!